BlogTattoo Placements and their risks

Tattoo Placements and their risks

Tattoo Placements and their risks

Today’s post is all about the possible risks and benefits of the tattoo placements on the body.

Not only the concept of your tattoo design but also the placement on the skin takes a big part in wether your tattoo is going to be healing successfully or not.

Usually your artist of trust is going to explain to you  which placements suit your tattoo idea.

It is super important to listen to your artist, and trust the expert:

He or she has the experience to see where the tattoo fits best, moves with the body and heals properly.

Some basic information about tattoo placements and different skin tissue

Different kinds of skin tissue:
Hands, palms, fingers and feet:

On our hands and especially on our palms the skins’ tissue is built differently than on other body parts such as on the lower arm for instance.

This is because it is built from different cell structures than the rest of our body’s skin. The skin in areas like palms and the souls of our feet are called ‘thick skin’ and it acts and feels a lot different than skin in other areas.

Tattoos in these areas become mostly blurry or heal out easier than in other placements. On fingers and palms for instance it is also likely that the tattoo disappears completely.

If the tattoo stays, lines also tend to get thicker in time, this happens also for all the movement that is going on here.

For feet and toes, the same problems occur when it comes to tattoos in these areas.

On the back of fingers and the back of hands or feet the situation is a little bit better.

Always make sure to speak with your artist before your appoint if you want to get tattooed in these areas.  Make sure to have a consultation regarding your plans and let the experts decide wether it is a good idea or not and trust them with their opinion- in the end you want a tattoo that stays and not a blurry something nobody is able to recognise.


The best thing is to be not too attached to a certain size or a certain placement anyway- Let your artist figure out where to fit your design properly.

A professional artist is able to decide wether it should be bigger or smaller and how to put it precisely in order to let it flow with the body and muscles nicely.


Tattoo Technique matters!

Not every placement good for every technique!

Colour and especially realistic art needs lots of space and stronger skin, while a small lifework tattoo can also be put in smaller areas with thinner skin.


Placements for small tattoos

For smaller tattoos it is best to find a way not to block the way for a bigger project:

#For instance don’t put a tiny tattoo in the middle of an upper arm or in the middle of the back or thigh.

Better place it in spots like


Placements for big tattoos

Like I just mentioned, big tattoos are best to be put in big areas like thigh, full arms, on the back or lower leg.

Planning your tattoos

keep placements for big tattoos free, don’t put a small tattoo in your way !

If you are insecure or need help in planning your tattoo projects again ask the artist of your trust to help you on that!

The best thing is to be open for new solutions and help the artist do his or her job and use the possibility to get a consultation at a professional studio. 

To sum it up you can say that not every design is perfect for every placement, but there are certain solutions which your artist is happy to explain to you.

The best thing is to be open for new solutions and help the artist do his or her job and use the possibility to get a consultation at a professional studio.

If you have a hard time choosing the right studio or artist for your Idea, check out our previous video


I hope these infos were useful and you have a better idea of how to plan your future tattoo projects on your body.

Leave a like and comment your experiences on this topic! Have you ever had a tattoo disappear from your skin?

Also let me know which topics you are interested in!