machine & handpoke tattoos

Salix is a resident artist and she does flash and custom tattoos. 

Her designs are mostly in black ink and inspired by nature and celestial motives.

You can see all available flash designs on my Instagram, or you can ask for a custom design. I will not copy other people’s designs or tattoos under any circumstances. I draw all designs in my style and do them only once, even the mini handpokes. You can send me a reference of things that you like, and I will make a new design, so you get the unique tattoo. Also, if you like a design that is already taken/done I will gladly draw you something similar.

I want a nice experience for you, so feel free to let me know anything that I should know that can make it more comfortable for you. I’d like it to be a safe space where we can all feel good. All skin tones, body types, genders, nationalities, people with special needs etc. are welcome. Only thing I don’t welcome is any kind of discrimination and rudeness.

All my inks and products are vegan. You can also ask me about products that I use or come for testing if you have allergies or other skin problems.

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Handpoke vs. Machine
  • Handpoke is better for small tattoos and the ones on the hard placements : ears and around ears, neck, knee dich, smaller designs on ribs etc.
  • It hurts less and makes less trauma to the skin, so it heals easier, great for first tattoos and people who have problems with pain or some health problems.
  • Machine is better for bigger projects, crisp lines, big black surfaces, cover ups, blast overs. These tattoos are a bit darker and sharper.
  • Both techniques are permanent and you can ask for any of two for all designs.
Booking info
  • You have to be 18 to get a tattoo.
  • I work Tuesday to Friday. Afternoon appointments are possible.
  • I don’t book too much in advance, usually at the end of the month I open bookings for next month. So, please have that in mind that when you are booking, you will usually get an appointment in next two weeks.
  • Starting price for flash is 160€ and for custom 200€
  • Full day session is 1000€
  • If you send me all information about size, placement and motive I will give you approximate price that will be set on the appointment when we put the stencil.
What is a handpoke tattoo?

Hand-poked tattoos are tattoos made without the use of tattoo machines. While they are created with the same supplies as machine tattoos, handpoke tattoo is made by pushing the needle and ink into the skin manually, without the aid of a machine. The result is the same as machine, the only difference is that you can see the dots.

Color Tattoos

I don’t do color tattoos at the moment.

Scar covering and cover ups

If your scars are more than 2 years old and white, no questions will be asked, I am open to cover any type of scars. If your scars are not white, you will have to consult with the dermatologist. Cover ups of old tattoos are also welcome. For both, you will have to come for consultation to the studio.


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