I´m Tattoo Artist for the more than 15 years now. I may claim to be fairly
expierienced tattooist, whilst quite some good focus in all that time
I spent only on how to get the crispest lines and popping colors underneath the skin.
Lines must be precise and spot-on. There is lots to know.
Not only that, colors can fade, lines blur out by
time. I´m specialized on that all. You can say Tattoo is 100% an art form, but also 100%
craftsmanship within!

If you tell the style you wanna get tattooed, I may have already worked in it,
though my heart is linked up in Realistic Tattoo´s, Photorealistic and Black ´n´ Grey,
I love to play with mirrors, shards, reflexions, colorful schemes, contrasty, you name it.

I rather design something especially for you instead of offering you pre-fabricated
flashes… everyone is indidually special 😉